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We are people with passion

Hiring the right 3d visualization studio for your project is making a decision about which people to include into your team. While anyone's portfolio or price list can look attractive from afar, it is the way you integrate with the team at a human level that will ultimately bring your project to success.

Visualization is not just a process that can be followed blindly. It is a work or art, emotion and perseverance to attain the perfect angle and perfect lighting.

We are selling you passion expressed in an image.


Every business is only as good as it's people. We aim be the team that feels passion for our work, shows skill in our execution and lives our daily lives with love and humour. At the end of the day, Le Kore is not its logo or its portfolio. It's a group of dedicated and passionate designers making beautiful images come to life.

Director, Cape Town
Micha started Le Kore 3D in 2003 while studying architecture in Cape Town, South Africa.  His passion for traveling and design lead him to discover the world as he worked in Paris, Barcelona, Biarritz and Singapore giving him a global perspective of society and life.

In addition to working with his clients, Micha has authored 9 visualization courses, totaling over 55 hours of teaching material, though Digital Tutors and Pluralsight.  He wishes to give aspiring students a chance to learn from his experience in 3D and architecture.

Micha is someone who lives life with a smile, he enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with family and friends. He regards his work as his passion, and his clients as his partners.

Each day is new opportunity to do something great!

Local Director, Singapore
Bas and Micha worked together in Singapore, and have since become good friends and business partners. Bas is a designer with an entrepreneurial mindset. Along with Le Kore, he has several business ventures in the architectural and F&B sectors.

Bas studied architecture in Australia, and today works on international projects from Singapore.
He is a very dynamic and positive person, always having exciting, new ideas and solutions.

3D Viz Professional, Europe
Alex has recently started collaborating with Le Kore on its high end projects. He is a true pixel craftsman, mastering light and colour in his images. Alex’s skill, especially in doing interiors, makes him a notable addition to the team. We are looking forward to great things!

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