Over the years, Le Kore have helped real estate developers sell more property in shorter timeframes.

We are always looking at how we can further exceed the requirements of our globally diverse clients. With us, your projects are executed on budget and delivered on time so that you meet your sales goals. Each project is managed and overseen by our South African architectural director who ensures the creativity and quality in each image.

There are indeed a myriad of choices when choosing an architectural visualisation team. You may consider quality, cost, speed, creativity, availability and ease of communication.
We are proud to say that project after project, our clients remain loyal and 100% satisfied. Each new enquiry is treated as an opportunity to establish a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Whether you are located in Africa, Europe or Asia, we have learnt how to communicate effectively across borders and time zones, making our workflow productive. We have had repeated success in delivering high quality work to clients that we have never physically met, gaining their trust from our client base, portfolio and past successes.


Every business is only as good as it's people. We aim be the team that feels passion for our work, shows skill in our execution and lives our daily lives with love and humour . At the end of the day, Le Kore is not its logo or its portfolio. It's a group of dedicated and passionate designers making beautiful images come to life.

Micha is the creative director at Le Kore Real Estate Media. His passion for design and technology lead him to discover the world of 3D while studying architecture at UCT in 2003. Today, Micha is working on including new services based on 3D printing and interactive touch screen technologies, which are quickly becoming the hot new frontiers of business.

Micha was born in South Africa and has family roots Europe, giving him an international outlook on life. He is fluent in English, French and Czech, and he has lived and worked in Cape Town, Paris, Barcelona and Singapore, giving him a broad understanding of different cultures and working styles.

Besides working with his clients, Micha has authored 9 courses totalling over 55 hours of teaching material though Digital Tutors and Pluralsight, giving aspiring students a chance to learn from his experience in 3D and architecture.

Micha is someone who lives life with a smile, he enjoys outdoor sports and spending time with his wife and children. He regards his work as his passion, and his clients as his partners.

Each day is new opportunity to do something great!

Marketing Director
Claire leads the marketing strategies at Le Kore. She has a diploma in PR from Varsity College, Cape Town and experience from working at Louis Vuitton in Barcelona, Twiice International in Cape Town and for Beauty without Cruelty to raise awareness for a good cause.

Claire is a kind-hearted and positive person, always looking for better solutions to reach out to people in a more human way. Marketing our 3D services is not just about pushing “the latest deal” over cold calls, it’s about finding the people who would most benefit from what her team can offer, and making that connection that will grow into a fruitful partnership between Le Kore and its clients.

Local Director, Singapore
Bas and Micha worked together in Singapore, and have since become good friends and business partners. Bas is a designer with an entrepreneurial mindset. Along with Le Kore, he has several business ventures in the architectural and F&B sectors.

Bas studied architecture in Australia, and today works on international projects from Singapore.
He is a very dynamic and positive person, always having exciting, new ideas and solutions.

3D Artist, Europe
Alex has recently started collaborating with Le Kore on its high end projects. He is a true pixel craftsman, mastering light and colour in his images. Alex’s skill, especially in doing interiors, makes him a notable addition to the team. We are looking forward to great things!


It is so nice to work with you as you are so efficient! The final image really turned out great.
Osmond Lange Architects & Planners, South Africa
They are dependable, motivated, and in tune with the needs of our clients. We look forward to their services for years to come.
Albert & Partners, South Africa
Excellent communication and leadership skills by a highly functional team. We accomplished a substantial amount of quality work in very short timelines.
Atelier Delphine Carrère, France
Le Kore was a pleasure to work with – they were efficient and professional at all times and produced high quality 3D renders for us.
Henri De Wet, Development Project Manager
We really enjoyed working with Le Kore – Micha’s architectural background meant that he really applied his mind to the building and helped us bring it to life!
David Sedgwick, Managing Director – Horizon Capital Residential
Le Kore worked to our tight deadlines and exceeded our expectations at every stage of the process – we loved working with Micha and would highly recommend him and his team at Le Kore.
Brina Snyders, Development Director – Horizon Capital Group


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