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Picture Your Vision with Le Kore 3D Visuals

It takes a single image to create the first impression of your architecural project. Forbes Magazine states that it takes seven seconds to make this first impression. During this time your client or potential buyer will make decisions that will ultimately lead to you making the sale and having your proposal accepted.

It is therefore essential that the impression created in their mind works to your advantage. The image needs to stand out from the others. It must engage their senses and emotions. It should be in tune with their lifestyle desires and expectations of excellence.

Over the years, Le Kore 3D Visuals have helped architects win numerous design competitions as well as helped developers sell more property in shorter timeframes.

We are always looking at how we can further exceed the requirements of our globally diverse clients. With us your projects are executed on budget at reasonable rates and delivered on time so that you meet your deadlines. Each project is managed and overseen by our European architectural director who ensures the creativity and quality in each image.

Architects have used our visuals for:

  • Client Presentations
  • Winning Competitions
  • Detailed 3D Models for Drafting
  • Council Submissions for Approval
  • Design Development
  • Concept Design

Developers have used our visuals for:

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Advertising of Property
  • Pre-sale Campaigns
  • Billboards and Brochures
  • Websites & Promo Media
  • Construction & Finishes




Choose between two methods of work:


Le-Kore ExpressLogo

Fast-Paced Service at Maximum Speed.
Images in 24 - 72 Hours

Le-Kore PhotoLogo

High Quality Photographic Images
Lighting Effects & Post Production













In addition to the "Express" and "Photo" methods of visualization, we offer 8 unique rendering styles that can be used in each 3D picture and 3D Animation.
Click here for artist impression render style examples.


For House Plans and Master Plans we offer 4 options of creating richer and visually engaging plans:
Click here to see examples of 3D plans. 


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